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Monday, February 13, 2006

How to deal with nasty children's literature reviewers

Here's an interesting way to deal with a poor review: Just take a page out of Trina Schart Hyman's book. A recent discussion on Child_Lit (the children's literature listserv) served up this tasty story from one of its members:

On the subject of nasty reviews from Kirkus -- I believe someone told the story on this list serve last year, of how Trina Schart Hyman responded to a particularly nasty Kirkus review of her Little Red Riding Hood (and I do think it was a nasty review!) by putting "Virginia Kirk/ Us A Nasty Soul/ Is Its Own Reward" on the tombstone in "Will You Sign Here, John Hancock?" by Jean Fritz -- only to have it noticed and airbrushed out in subsequent printings. I was delighted to find in my school library two copies of that book, one with the words on the tombstone, and one with the tombstone blank, and I was able to put them into the power point presentation I did on Trina at last year's ChLA.


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