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Monday, February 13, 2006

Why we review

Ah, sweet sweet reviewing. Why do I love it so? What keeps me slogging on when fingers don't want to process anymore information and if I have to read one more sodding page of that consarned "Inkspell" when I suspect I'll probably vomit? Why authorial responses, of course. Be they good or be they bad, they be great. I'm a big big fan of hearing back from children's authors. Here's a quick list of those I've heard from up until this moment in time:

Crescent Dragonwagon: Author in her own right and daughter of kiddie lit god Charlotte Zolotow
Douglas Florian: Who writes brightly colored e-mails with hot pink fonts when the mood strikes him
Jacqueline Woodson: Sweetest darned person I've ever had the pleasure to hear from. Sent me an autographed copy of her new book just because I wrote a nice review of it. I'm thinking of starting a fan club.
Pete Hautman: Who sent me an ARC of his newest book after I ripped to shreads one of his older titles. Super sweet fellow, if I do say so myself.
Barbara Feinburg: Wanted me to review her book "Welcome to the Lizard Motel". I have yet to do so.
Labal Hill: Who wrote "Harlem Stomp". If you have not read this book, do so RIGHT NOW. I begged her to write a book about the Black Panthers. She said they were mentioned in an upcoming title of hers. I was well pleased.
Linda Zinnen: I reviewed her "Dragons of Spratt, Ohio". We keep in contact regularly. She tends to take me to task when my reviews get too smarmy. It's good for me. Keeps my smarm in check.
Janet Stoeke: Does those sweet little "Minerva Louise" books. Just the sweetest things. She has some new ones coming out soonish too.

.... and this week hailing from sunny California....

Andrea Zimmerman: Who marks the first contact by an author of a book that appeared on the New York Public Library's 100 Picture Books Everyone Should Know (for "Trashy Town").

In all this I haven't counted the authors I've contacted for various sundry reasons, the ones I've seen speak (current favorite: Eoin Colfer), or the people who've asked me to review their little known independently published titles. I'm a review snob at heart, I guess.

I'll let you know any others that give me a ring. Ain't they sweet, though?


At 11:51 PM , Blogger web said...

Me, I get terribly unnerved by authorial communications. But I'm always very pleased to find my reviews quoted on their personal websites.

And I did once get an autographed/cartooned on thank-you poster from Nina Laden, which was awesome. I had it mounted and it still hangs in my living room.


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