Fuse #8

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Blume-o-philes congregate!

Perhaps some of you haven't heard about the brouhaha (emphasis on the "haha") surrounding Judy Blume's decision to update the menstrual equipment in her classic Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret. Purists decry the changing of even one syllable in the story. Others point out that if the book were a historical novel that might be a legitimate argument, but we're talking about a story that is STILL important to many girls today. Howsoever you fall in this debate, definitely follow this link to read what Ms. Blume herself thinks. I had the pleasure of getting to see the author herself speak to a group of NYPL librarians half a year or so ago. She looked fabulous, by the way. Unfortunately when it came to intelligent conversation the most I was able to do was sputter that the black and white cookies (a New York specialty) were especially tasty that day. This is true. I will now crawl back into my hole in shame.


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