Fuse #8

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Next week's issue: Martyrman!

Since I'm currently on the look-out for good graphic novels for the younger kiddies, I was especially amused by this recent article on creating comic books starring Saints. Okay, I'll bite. As you can see, they look pretty good. Nicely chiseled jaws and its not much of a stretch to put Joan of Arc in superhero tights. But don't most of these people die in the end? Sending messages to kids through a graphic medium ain't new. I was one of those lucky schoolchildren in the 1980s who found themselves on the receiving end of Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No" campaign. I have very clear memories of being handed a comic book that outlined the dangers of snorting drugs. Now I've never encountered anyone in real life who dissolved the septum between their nostrils (leading to one big ole hole) but that doesn't mean I won't! In comparison to THOSE comic books, these look pretty tame. Just make sure everyone's septums are firmly in place.


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