Fuse #8

Monday, May 29, 2006

Challenge! Challenge!

What's that sparkly glove on the ground? It is a gauntlet. What's it doing on the ground? Well, it looks as if Mother Reader has set up a particularly interesting challenge. On the week-end of June 16th, from 7 a.m. that Friday to 7 a.m. on Monday (or so) we, the children's literature bloggers, must read and review as many kids books as humanly possible.

The Problem: Um... I have ten previously unpublished reviews just sitting in a Word file. I like to keep 'em there until their publication date arrives. Then I post them. Also, if I'm feeling like a lazy reviewer, I can do one of them as my Review of the Day. So they're just sitting there. Can I use them or not? I say, no. It's not really fair to post things you have just sitting around. So for the sake of my honor, I will not even touch the puppies. How's that for holding back, eh? Eh?


At 4:39 PM , Blogger Kelly said...

Good girl, Fuse :) It must be tempting though...


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