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Sunday, July 02, 2006

An Entirely Different Kind of Hot Man of Children's Literature

Let it never be said that a hot man posting goes unnoticed.
In early 2004 I posted a review of the picture book Almost to Freedom on Amazon. The book was fine and all, but the review was one of the few in which I said something like this:
Matching Nelson's sure-footed storytelling come the illustrations of Colin Bootman. His painting style uses thick oils and paints that somehow manage to convey emotion and depth. And just for the record, the father of the little girl who owns the doll is probably one of the hottest men ever to grace the pages of a picture book. I'm not kidding. Go out, find this book, look at her dad, and tell me he's not absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Wowzer.
I'm especially proud of my use of the word "Wowzer". It gets so little play, these days.

Anywho, the fellow who was the model for the father informed me recently that he had only just now read the review. It amused him, as well it should have. Better to have such comments come back to me late than never.


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