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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Take the Challenge

Remember the Mother Reader 48 Hour Book Challenge? We all did very well and it was even featured in a School Library Journal article. Well, it looks as if a new challenge is in the works. The kidlit blogosphere has been challenged, a little early in the year, to come up with our Top Picks for 2006. The rules are clear. The categories are Picture Books, Early Elementary, Elementary, Middle School, and High School. All you have to do is narrow down your top five choices per category.

I don't have to participate, by the way. What makes me so special? Well, I basically already make my picks at The Edge of the Forest. My picks are at the bottom. And since writing them down a month or so ago, I think I'd change some of my decisions. Adele and Simon was nice, but I'd switch it out for I'm Not Cute. And I failed to list five graphic novels altogether. Add in Kampung Boy for the fifth slot.

Back to Mother Reader. Just send your choices to her and she'll compile them accordingly. I'm very interested in knowing who likes what so far.


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