Fuse #8

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Good and the Bad

From the realm of the good, I love Esme Codell. Why? She recently gave Branch #3 of the Triumverate a sound beating with the following statement that it, "somehow reads like some sort of terrifyingly twisted Hitchcock jaunt." You go, girl! By the way, the term Triumverate of Mediocrity was stolen point blank from Jane Yolen who recently visited this blog and was unable to post. My apologies, Ms. Yolen, for both the lame nature of Blogger and the fact that I've ripped off your wonderful Triumverate. You may have it back, if you like.

From the realm of the bad Mommy & Daddy detention. Maybe "bad" isn't quite the word to use. Maybe a better word would be, "hunhuna?"

Thanks to the School Library Journal blog for the second link.


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