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Friday, October 13, 2006

Reviewing From the Few-Cha!

In the future, perhaps the print review will be a thing of the past. Everyone will have to be a performer in their own right and be photogenic from the start. However the winds of change bop us upside the head, I like video reviews of children's books. Here's one that takes a long hard look at an Ed Emberley book and its subsequent reprints with some rather insightful points that are well worth keeping in mind.

Make a World on Vimeo

Many many thanks to Julie at Children's Illustration for the link.


At 3:19 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that video! I had that same first edition book as a kid and loved it.

I linked to this on my blog too, and added you to my links. Thank's for the word.

At 6:55 PM , Blogger Julie said...

Not only did this guy make this video review—-he makes Tim Gunn "Make It Work " T-Shirts.


At 12:41 PM , Blogger alvinaling said...

Wow--I just saw this. So cool! And, well, since I was the editor in charge of these redesigns, I thought I should comment. The decision was made to redesign all of Ed Emberley's drawing books into this new vertical trim size, and because of this we decided to use a font for the titles instead of handlettering to give all of the books a "series" look and make it easier in the future for reprints, etc. (to be honest, I'm not sure the full reasoning as that decision was made before I started handling the project). However, Ed did do new cover art and at times title page art for each and every book. He also did cool new bookplates for the inside front cover.

I'm not sure where the reviewer got the hardcover edition he's using, because we only redesigned the paperback editions--which all most definitely have the complete list of books (there are 14) on the inside back cover! And, in fact, the hc is no longer in print. He must have a special library binding or a special sales binding where they inadvertently covered up the list (and the bookplate is missing from the inside front cover, too). Hmmm. That's a bit upsetting! But I can assure you that the paperback editions have all of these elements. Although the original endpapers must have been lost somewhere along the way--I'd never seen those before!

Thanks for the link!


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