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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Snicket Swank

Last night I attended the swank Lemony Snicket farewell party held in honor of the last book in the series. I will write about it later when I can successfully download the pictures of the event from my camera. Needless to say, HarperCollins treats its babies right. Chalk this one up as the first party where they hired a guy to just cut mozzarella. To be explained later.


At 2:17 AM , Blogger Lisa Yee said...

I was going to say, I know plenty of guys who would cut the cheese for free. But I won't. Because that would be crass.

At 2:44 AM , Blogger Greg Pincus said...

There is someone in my family who is a HUGE Snicket addict and would loved to have gone to the shindig. And then there is someone in my family who is very sad that Lisa Yee got to the cheese joke first. For the record, they are not the same person.

At 2:21 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still waiting for your expanded details on this party. Stop teasing us with new posts when you haven't satisfied us on this one yet.

Please. Thank you.


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