Fuse #8

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


A moral warning signal should probably go off when a sane and rational person starts agreeing with the FOX News celebrity gossip. Still, I prefer to look at it as a wonderful example of how Madonna is a uniter and not a divider. Everybody dislikes her, regardless of race, creed, political affiliation, etc. Lest you think I've gone completely insane, however, I will point out that Galleycat made some excellent points when they pointed out that this article discussing the fact that her latest children's book has not made the mad bank expected of it,

A) says her numbers were low, but the 9,000 units she has sold would be more than welcome by real children's authors
B)"goofs by misinforming readers that the book was published in 1993, rather than 2003."
C) "blames negative publicity stemming from the pop star's adoption of a Malawian infant, with her kabbalistic tendencies thrown in for good measure."

The piece is immediately followed up with info on the Mary Poppins musical that just opened on Broadway.


At 12:39 PM , Blogger fusenumber8 said...

If under a rock is the only place I'll be able to escape her books then I'll take the second bolder on the left, please.


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