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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Turnover In Children's Book Publishing

The amount of turnover faced by the average children's librarian in New York City is cause for concern. Turnover, however, is not limited to a single profession. Recently Alvina Ling presented this piece on how the publishing industry handles change. Here was the initial question she received:
Eds, art directors, marketers, etc. move around a lot in the publishing biz. What is it like for you to be at a house for a while and to have people coming and going all the time? It seems as though inefficiency would be rampant. Do you find you have to get new folks up to speed often as you usher a ms through to publication? Why do you think people in the biz move around so much?
Her answer should be noted by anyone interested in the inner workings of a relatively large children's publisher.


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