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Friday, March 09, 2007

Jenna Bush Encapsulated In Girlspeak

So, like, Jenna Bush writes this book, right? And Harper Collins goes and gives her, like all this money? It is SO cool. Only that just kinda makes everyone hate her all over the place cause, y'know, she's like this celebrity and that's the only reason she got the money. And then she goes talking 'bout her book like Number the Stars and The Diary of Anne Frank so, like, the whole kidlit blogosphere gets all mad and child_lit gets into this big old debate. And then Kelly Herold all like, Hey, Gail Gauthier, justify this one. So then Gail, totally goes for it, and she writes this whole don't-blame-her-till-you-read-the-book thing and so that's fine. And then, AND THEN, Roger Sutton's all like, Gail Gauthier's totally right, and that just makes everyone else feel maybe she IS right cause Roger is SO dreamy and everyone thinks so. And NOW everyone doesn't know what to say but they don't want to like the book even if, y'know, Jenna wrote some kinda new version of Moby Dick or something. Only, y'know, Moby Dick with an eighteen-year-old single mom with HIV.


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At 11:59 AM , Blogger Saints and Spinners said...

You know that fuzzy feeling your teeth have after three days of outdoor camping? That's the way my eyeballs feel right now. Like, totally.

At 1:31 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is just frightening.

At 4:23 PM , Blogger mbpbooks said...

We are just as bad with our "you knows" and "i means" as the under-20s are with their "likes." Listen to the next 30-something tell you about their day and count the unnecessary two-word inserts.

At 5:26 PM , Blogger Gail Gauthier said...

I may be right, but Roger is dreamy. Right...dreamy...Right...dreamy... which would I rather be?

A great summary. And not just because you mentioned me. Though I did enjoy that part, too.

At 12:31 PM , Blogger Saints and Spinners said...

Mitali: You are right. Also, I have a hard time not starting explanations with the word "Okay."


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