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Saturday, April 07, 2007

I Didn't Get a Letter. Did You Get a Letter?

This is why I've grown increasingly fond of Strollerderby. Above and beyond the fact that they crank out post after post every day and have lots of pretty pictures that are easy on the eyes, they also tell interesting stories like this one. It isn't credited so I can't attest to its accuracy, but apparently a contract has been sent to some libraries regarding the last Harry Potter title.
The contract states that all libraries must limit the number of employees who handle the books before the July 21 release and provide names and contact information for each branch manager. And failure to keep the book under wraps until July 21 could exclude libraries from receiving future embargoed titles.
Future embargoed titles, eh? Makes me wonder if they know something we don't. When exactly is the next phenomenon of this nature going to hit?

Thanks to Strollerderby for the link.

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At 10:19 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have no problem about limiting the people handling the Harry Potters. They stay in technical services until the day of publication.

Then they are hand carried (okay, taken by truck) to the various branch libraries. No, the library staff never touches them. The tech service people have already checked them in, activated the pre-pub holds on them and have boxed them to be sent to the branch library of the person(s) who have placed the hold. (If your branch had nobody placing a hold on it, you never see it until it finally makes it's way back to your branch.)

whew! So our library system will be eligible to get the next future embargoed title. (as if.)

-librarian, writer, and mom

At 3:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're probably too small to merit a letter, but if they knew how many of us handled the last one...Uh-oh.


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