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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Now Everyone Take One More Baby Step Towards the Center

Over on El Blogo Longstocko (not actual name) Coe Booth recently posted a piece of interesting note. It's about a little site called Revish and, according to those who know and love it, it's sweeping the nation. Here's how Coe describes it:
Even though it sounds kind of similar to LibraryThing, Revish claims to be different. For one thing, it isn't a book cataloging site. Also, reviews on Revish have to be OVER a certain length. According to their FAQ page, they're not looking for one-line reviews!

In addition to reading and writing book reviews, with Revish you can also keep a reading list and reading journal (which can be shared with others, of course), and you can create and participate in discussion groups.
I couldn't help but note that when I tried to bring Revish up on PCs, the computers would look at me as if I were mad. They'd scratch their heads, take a second look at the address, then give me a sad smile, as if you say, "Silly girl. Don't be ridiculous." The Macs I looked it up on, however, had no problem accessing it in the least.

Other than that, the site is sweeter than its Amazonian equivalent (though Coe suspects, and she may be right, that there's a link between the two). We will watch with interest to see if it catches on.



At 3:29 AM , Blogger Dan said...

Hi fusenumber8. Revish uses the Amazon API for book data, but beyond that there's no connection to any other site, living or dead. There's just little old me at the moment, beavering away trying to get the site up to scratch.

Thanks for the mention though, and if you have the time and the will please head over, take a look and let me know what you think.


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