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Monday, October 01, 2007

Show #3: Deep Dark Caves and Peculiar Truths

Deep Dark Caves and Peculiar Truths

00:00 - 3:51 (News)
3:52 - 7:35 (Weekly Review - Leepike Ridge)
7:36 - 11:22 (Dreadful Lies and Peculiar Truths - A selection from a PEN panel)
11:22 - 11:55 (Closing)

Intro by Haddon Givens Kime
Nominate books for the Cybil Awards here.
The MotherReader best books list is found here.
Thanks to PEN for permission to use a selection from their podcast. You can hear the full text of the podcast here.
Thanks to Dan Blank at School Library Journal for lending me their microphone

For the RSS feed of this show, please use this site. This show is available through iTunes.


At 3:22 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Most excellent podcasting. You have a resonant and expressive voice that suits this medium. I listened to all three while working today.

Now must find copies of those books reviewed at our library.

Left coast anon


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