Fuse #8

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Show #8: Talking TOONs and Giver Woes

Show #8: Talking TOONs and Giver Woes

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00:00 - 2:44 (Opening)
2:44 - 5:09 (News of the Week)
5:09 - 10:27 (Booktalks - Dusssie by Nancy Springer, Savvy by Ingrid Law, and Women Daredevils: Thrills, Chills and Frills by Julie Cummins)
10:28 - 17:07 (A Conversation with Art Spiegelman of TOON Books)
17:07 - 17:45 (Closing)

Intro by Haddon Givens Kime
You can hear the full audio of the TOON Books reception here.

For the RSS feed of this show, please use this site. This show is available through iTunes here. If I'm lucky. Last month I don't think it showed up at all, so maybe I somehow infuriated the iTunes gods. We shall see.


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