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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Booking boys

Fellow walks up to my desk the other day and says that he has a child that isn't really into books and what would I recommend? I immediately make a bee-line for Captain Underpants (as I'm sure you'll all agree) and start talking non-stop about the problems inherent in reluctant male readers. The man is shocked. How did I know that his kid was a boy? After promoting GuysRead.com (which, if you've never looked at it, is worth its weight in gold right there) we talk about the problems that come with getting boys to read.

The Miami Herald is now offering a list of ways you can get boys to read. Do they work? I dunno. I'm a childless woman of 27. But it looks pretty much on target. You may not like the idea of finding books for your boyo that only has male lead characters, but deal with the intricacies of gender roles later. First you need to get them interested in the first place.


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