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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hot Men of Children's Literature, Part 5 in a series

I've found that my co-workers are a wealth of information when it comes to thinking up future posts to this 5th in a 365 part series. This week we present:

Dum Dum Da Dum...


Yeah, I know. Pretty damn hot. This is the guy who's responsible for such amazing illustrations as those found in Ellington Was Not a Street, Hewitt Anderson's Great Big Life, and The Village That Vanished. Awesome, eh?

So he's incredibly talented and, as this picture attests, is much with the hotness.
Thank God for my co-workers.


At 4:35 PM , Blogger MotherReader said...

I love your hot men of kids lit. What a great idea! I just discovered your blog and I am going back to see the other four men, oh and read some reviews.

At 5:17 PM , Blogger fusenumber8 said...

I think the Mo Willem's page is acting funky. I'll do my darndest to whip it back into shape. A co-worker of mine mentioned that she may just make a children's literature blog devoted solely to the topic. I approve heartily.

At 11:54 PM , Blogger web said...


Yes. Yes indeed.

At 10:58 AM , Blogger fusenumber8 said...

Good news, kids. I managed to whip Mo Willems back into shape. Sounds more interesting than it is when I put it that way. Anywho, all the links for the hotties should be functioning perfectly. Whew!

At 12:33 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Yes. Very hot. Nice that I have a kid to use an excuse to buy his books. now how to answer those pesky questions like "why are you drooling over the dust jacket, mommy?"


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