Fuse #8

Friday, April 28, 2006

Children's DVDs Presented In a Snarky Fashion

Great loads of thanks to Kelly Herold over at Big A little a for bringing this new and interesting site to my attention. A Mr. Roger Holland is reviewing children's DVDs over at something called Pop Matters. He has a finely honed voice and a lovely way of expressing himself. For example, when discussing the unfortunate Boohbah phenomenon, he has this to say:

"Since Boohbah is essentially an exercise show for young children, it's perhaps unfortunate that the show's five leading aliens resemble the end of the evolutionary line for a race of rotund starfishes who mated once too often with unspecified but highly rubberized sex toys".

Darn tootin'. I figure that since we already have a blog that recommends only the best Children's Music That Rocks, it only makes sense to have a sit that discusses the best DVDs too. An excellent find.


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