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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hot Men of Children's Literature - Part 16 In a Series

Recently I begged you, the masses, to send me potential Hot Men for future postings. In doing so, I've found that some names come up more often than others. Oddly enough I've STILL not heard anyone recommend Shel Silverstein. Huh. Anyway, if I were to say which fellow received the most votes, it would be today's official Hot Man. In the interests of full disclosure I will also note that my mother has been complaining lately about how all my Hot Men are young 'uns. She suggested this author as well. With that in mind please meet the adorable....


This picture is the one of him I've found that scores relatively well on the old Hotness Meter. Random House made him a lovely little website that you may wish to check out too. I'm making the casual assumption that you have all read his works. If, for some ungodly reason, you have not then do so immediately. I'm serious. If there was ever a required living author to read, this be he. Not only did he win a Newbery but Bucking the Sarge is one of those titles that just makes a person laugh out loud in embarrassing public situations. Oh... and here's another pic I just found. So rarely do my Hot Men ever show their legs. Consider this posting a collectible.


At 5:27 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is quite dreamy. By the way, I ordered "Here Be Monsters" at Alibris today and should have it in my hands by next weekend. It sounds amazing and I am a devoted anything-British-groupie so I am sure I will love it.

At 5:34 PM , Blogger fusenumber8 said...

Oh, well done! It's just a fabulous book. Though, I must admit, it seems to have somehow started a mobile-cheese trend in children's books. I kid you not.

At 8:27 AM , Blogger Kelly said...

Hey, I think ol' Shel is super hot! I vote for him!!!

At 12:47 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think he is quite dreamy too. Good Choice

At 1:34 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Christopher Paul's latest book is with Scholastic, called Elijah of Buxton.


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