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Monday, May 15, 2006

If My Degree Was Tied Directly Into My Knowledge of Celebrity Authors...

... I would be in trouble. Jen Robinson and All About Books helped me to discover this malicious little Celebrity Author Quiz. My final score? 3 out of 9. Ouch. And I call myself a knowledgable children's librarian at the best children's room in America. I'm a disgrace to my badge. (Note: Please read the aforementioned in a tone of voice dripping with sarcasm and irony).


At 3:05 PM , Blogger Kelly said...

I got 6 of 9 on this quiz. When you're distinguishing Sting from an analogous musician, it gets pretty difficult!

At 3:43 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm kind of ashamed of my own score, actually, because I did better than I really think proper. Thanks for the link!

At 1:41 AM , Blogger Greg Pincus said...

Hold on now. This isn't "celebrity" books in the heinous sense. Let's review. Ally Sheedy actually BECAME a celeb because of She Was Nice to Mice. She was 12, long before Breakfast Club, etc. Jimmy Carter is an ex-President of the USA. That's a little different than Ray Romano. Bill Cosby has written oodles of books and that book was a spin-off, I believe, from a TV series. Musicians known for writing literate story songs have a long tradition in kid's books, so I'm not sure about Sting and Mary Chapin Carpenter being the worst kind of celeb author. Also, I don't think she has a huge enough following to be someone hired just for a name (besides her Ivy pedigree). David Byrne is a jack of all trades with very little name recognition, I'd argue.

That leaves Jamie Lee Curtis, John Lithgow (who also has children's music albums!) and Sarah Ferguson. OK, Fergie is what I'd consider a celebrity author who got a deal based on name only.

But that's just me. I mean there's plenty to be cynical about... and I scored 9 out of 9... but I don't really view these as the worst offenders in the celeb realm.

At 2:17 PM , Blogger Michele said...

I hardly dare to admit this, but I got 7 out of 9 and the only one I'd even heard of was Sarah Ferguson's "Budgie the Helicopter" ! For the rest, I just randomly picked one letter per question without even reading the list of names because I know very little about celebrity authors !

Sorry, but that's just too funny !


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