Fuse #8

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Pooh In the News

Lest you fear that this blog is turning into some kind of Pooh crazed fansite, I would remind you that I happen to work with the guy. Today I am recuperating from ALA (all that good food really knocks a gal out) but I was able to give Win a call.

WTP: Bear here.

Fuse #8: Hey, Pooh dude. Look, did you hear this thing about A.A. Milne's daughter and Disney suing the estate of long-time Pooh licensee Stephen Slesinger?

WTP: Who is this?

Fuse #8: Cut it out, Pooh. Have you or have you not heard of this?

WTP: (examining left paw) It may have come to my attention.

Fuse #8: Well, don't you find it a little odd that Clare Milne is working WITH Disney on this?

WTP: As I understand it, they only paid her legal fees.

Fuse #8: Oh, c'mon Winnie. You know how Disney is and you know how much it makes from you. You're their second hottest character. Right behind Mickey Mouse.

WTP: Yes yes yes. But put Sterling Holloway's voice on anyone and they instantly become popular. Look, this is fun but there's a group of British tourists here, all hankering to have a word with me about coming back to England someday. You understand, don't you, darling?

Fuse #8: *sigh* Bye, Pooh.


At 1:29 PM , Blogger Dan McCoy said...

Geez, Pooh's a jerk lately.

At 1:57 PM , Blogger fusenumber8 said...

Yeah, but he's stopped refering to me as "the help". Now I'm, "librarian #5". It's an improvement, I guess.


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