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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Weekly Shout-Out

I wondered why I kept getting visitors from the site CBI's Write4Kids (a self-described "Children's Writing Supersite"). Turns out they give me a lovely little shout-out. The writer (one Mr. Jon Bard) laments jokingly that I have not yet added him to my Hot Men of Children's Literature postings. That shows a good sense of humor. Here's the post:
"Fusenumber8" is the pseudonym of a children's librarian at The Donnell Central Children's Room in Manhattan. She's gone online with an excellent and thoroughly entertaining blog about children's books that's filled with insight. A Fuse #8 Production includes book reviews, opinions about publishing news, lots of links, and an ongoing series entitled Hot Men of Children's Literature (she's already on Hot Man #17 -- Carl Hiaasen -- and hasn't got to me yet, which is puzzling.)

A fun, enlightening read, and the comments are a hoot, as well.
Gregory K would like to point out that the "comments" are obviously a reference to his own. Sorry, guys. He called it first.


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