Fuse #8

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ghashlycrumb Tinies Graveyard

Did you know that there were tours of the Edward Gorey house? Or that there was a graveyard for the Ghashlycrumb Tinies? Or that there's a particularly frightening sounding Edward Gorey blood drive coming up? You did know all this? You think I'm a doofus for not knowing already? Fine. Just for that I'd like an annotated list from everyone listing all the children's authors/illustrators (Gorey was more than that, I know) who have houses that conduct tours. Let's see... does Roald Dahl count?
A tip of the hat to Maud Newton for the informative link.


At 2:32 PM , Blogger Lisa Yee said...

OOooooOOOoooh, I want to go!!!

At 9:14 PM , Blogger fusenumber8 said...

Me too. Doggone writers who live in doggone states that aren't New York.

Present company excluded, of course.


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