Fuse #8

Thursday, July 13, 2006

You Know Ms. Yee, You Need Ms. Yee, You Know You Need Unique Ms. Yee

Lisa Yee, author extraordinaire and spokesperson for the remarkable Coke spew (she has pictures on her blog in case you're interested) is offering up her first ever caption contest in honor of her newfound ability to download photos. Here is the info on the photo:
And now, here is the photo (the famous authors in it are: Kerry Madden (left), Amy Goldman Koss who says I have to add this Disclaimer #2, which she wrote-- "Although Amy Goldman Koss may appear in this photo as a globular ancient toad like being, she is in fact a quite stunningly beautiful tall, thin young woman of infinite charms." And Mark L. Williams.) The event was the LAYAs judging the South Pasadena Festival of Balloons 4th of July Parade.
Your job? Go to her website and give that l'il ole pic a caption. It's like the New Yorker comic contest, only for child litters.


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