Fuse #8

Saturday, September 30, 2006

El Recapo

Sweet and Vicious, should anyone ask, is a brilliant place to hold a gathering of the sort we saw on Thursday of this week for the first official Kidlit Drink Night. The weather cooperating nicely, we met outside on a back patio area. Megan McCarthy, who I didn't even know was coming, was out there as well as some Longstockings (who shall remain nameless so that I don't embarrass the ones who didn't attend... but if you ask me I'll tell).

People were lovely. We talked about covers (like the suspicious similarity between Shug and Skinny), and trends, and how to become a librarian, and future projects the authors were working on. Oh. And lots of stuff I was told not to write about because it wasn't cool. And if you had been there YOU could have heard it firsthand and wouldn't rely on me. Oh like you guys couldn't have flown here on a plane or something.

Okay, so here are the exclusive things that I learned in the course of the evening that I CAN mention:

John Green's Looking For Alaska done got its film rights bought. Not too exciting since many a book gets purchased by Hollywood at some point. And how many of them actually get made? Exactly. But see, here's the deal... the screenwriter? Josh Schwartz, creator of The O.C. According to Mr. Green, Mr. Schwartz is a helluva guy who's consulted him on script elements when most screenwriters would do their thing and leave it at that. Consider me cautiously optimistic.

By the way, you all know Louise Erdrich's amazing series that began with The Birchbark House and continued with The Game of Silence, yes? Well, were you aware that there was a third book in the works? A third book by the name of Twelve Moons Running? Oh yeah, baby. And according to a source that is not exactly unbiased in the matter, it's the best of the lot. I smell future Newbery potential...


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