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Friday, September 29, 2006

Fairies, Fiends, and Flatulence

When I was getting my library degree in St. Paul, Minnesota I happened to live not far from a great many wonderful children's bookstores. One of these was The Red Balloon, my personal favorite and best beloved. One day they decided to host none other than Eoin Colfer and the experience was akin to a staged performance. He basically told the story that would become The Legend of Spud Murphy to a room packed with kids from ages 4 to 19. Few adults have that kind of stage presence. He was basically chanelling his innate Irish storytelling skills into something particularly lucrative.

The point? He's doing it again. Only this time, y'all are going to have to pay.

School Library Journal had this to say about the event:
Eoin Colfer, live on stage? Yes, the bestselling author will open his one-man show, Fairies, Fiends and Flatulence , in the West End in October, and then he'll take the show on tour throughout the U.K. An earlier version of Fairies, Fiends sold out its run last spring; it is based on the stories he tells at his book events—stories of his childhood and his brothers—which have gotten such a great response that he decided to work them into a stage show. Having just finished a Scandinavian tour for his Artemis Fowl series, Colfer is currently in the U.S. for a two-week tour. Hyperion/Miramax printed 500,000 copies of The Lost Colony , fifth in the series, and number six is in the works.

Keep your ears open. If he happens to come to your town, go. It's worth it.


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