Fuse #8

Friday, October 06, 2006

I'm All the Rage In Seattle

Got this e-mail just now.
Tonight you were featured front and center at our local (Western Washington) SCBWI meeting, held at Seattle Pacific University. I didn't hear the number of attendees but it was standing room only, probably around 350-400.

After the announcements were made, one of the board members stood up and said we should know that the value of SCBWI membership had been the subject of conversation on your highly informative blog. She urged everyone to go to your site and check out the thread, where we would find comments by Stephen Mooser and Lin Olivier.
Oh my.
Um . . . well, if there's anyone out there who heard about my blog via that meeting, er, hello. Can I offer you a spot of tea? No? Well, it's lovely to meet you just the same. Now I'm going to go sit over here in this corner and talk about silly useless kidlit things while I try to keep this attention from going entirely to my head.


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