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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


That SCBWI post is just so smoking hot that it has inspired me to do the unprecedented. To give it a little room, I'm not going to post a big long Review of the Day. Oh, you may say that I'm lazy. You may say that this is just a lame excuse for not writing a 40,000 word review. You may say anything you like, and much of it may be true. Still, I'm slightly awed by the response to the posting and I don't want to bury it quite yet. Such intelligent people saying such intelligent things and NOBODY getting out of line or starting a flame war. This has to be some kind of blog record, no? And with Lin Oliver & Steve Mooser offering their own two cents to boot . . . well I'm just awed. Blog Awed. Does anyone own a copyright on that phrase? If not, dibs.

And if you can't live without some kind of a kid-lit posting, I have some stuff to satisfy you with. Lemme see here... uh.. okay.

Recently I discovered something called Overlooked New York. It describes itself as, "a collection of portraits and interviews with ardent New Yorkers about their joyous obsessions." So what I love about living in New York (i.e. the fact that I could walk down the street past the world's most famous professional kite flyer and not even know it) has been captured here perfectly. And hey! I've seen that guy! He's the dude that always gets the primo spot at the 42nd Street station when the Michael Jackson midget isn't working, right?

Or maybe you'd prefer info on The Big Draw. The Campaign For Drawing has begun (helped, in no small part, by patron Quentin Blake) and they present the following: "The Big Draw, the Campaign's annual October showpiece, proves that drawing can be a public activity as well as a private passion. 1000 venues across the UK, from great national institutions to village halls, will be joining in to offer people of all ages the chance to discover that drawing is enjoyable, liberating and at everyone's fingertips." And why should we Yankees care? Well, some of these events are happening here in the U.S. Which is to say Boston because I'm a tardy betty and didn't get around to telling you about all of this until now. For those of you in the U.K., however, there is much to attend drawing-wise.

Or perhaps a site that draws 100 Pirates In 100 Days is more your style. Whatever floats your boat, poppets. That's it for today, though.

Thanks to Drawn for the links.


At 2:23 AM , Blogger Linda S. Wingerter said...

Thank you for the SCBWI discussion, and thank you for Overlooked New York! I found some old muses: Lezly the skate guru and the Saw Lady, as well as new ones: Victor the white pigeon raiser. Wonderful!

And thanks for your blog, in general.

At 10:27 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The SCBWI postings are great. So glad people are writing up. The 100 pirate illustrations link is ARGGGGGGG! Great! Each one nearly tells a story.


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