Fuse #8

Friday, October 13, 2006

Quick Question

The advantage of running one's own blog is that you can throw questions into the blogosphere and sometimes get an answer. This one's been knawing at me for quite some time.

Okay, so we all know and love Miss Snark, right?

I've heard several people refer to her as a children's book literary agent. Is there any evidence for this that you can think of? I once heard her rail against children's fantasies and the like, but that hardly makes her someone working in the field. As I understand it, she's a literary agent for adult books. Am I correct in this assumption?


At 4:33 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't children's book agents wear Birkenstocks?

At 4:50 PM , Blogger crissachappell said...

Maybe not children...but young adult?

At 5:11 PM , Blogger David T. Macknet said...

If she's been asked whether she rep's children's lit and said no ... then chances are she doesn't do YA lit, either, or she'd have said so somewhere.

Also ... her blog persona's about as tactful and caring as a buzz-saw, so I can't see her getting into YA type things, can you?

At 5:38 PM , Blogger fusenumber8 said...

One might argue that that would be tantamount evidence that she DOES represent YA authors. However, I think you are all correct. I've just seen her listed on some blog's blogrolls as a children's agent and I found the idea somewhat difficult to swallow. Which is to say, too perfect to be true.

Thanks for the info, good people.


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