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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Top Ten Selling Children's Books - September

The monthly list of top ten best selling children's books on eBay in September is up. Here's an interesting comment that went along with the post:
Here is a sale that would have been on the top ten, except the buyer is NARU. This leads me to believe that the sale did not go through. The seller is claiming that his book is, “the single rarest copy of Artemis Fowl known to exist.”:

$5,000.00 - Artemis Fowl by Colfer very rare UK 1st ed. 1st print
I love me my Eoin Colfer, but "the single rarest copy of Artemis Fowl known to exist"? Really? Really really?


At 8:12 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeesh. I think I still have the galley of the first one lying around somewhere. Does that count?

At 1:12 PM , Blogger Greg Pincus said...

I wonder how "rarest" is defined... and by whom. I mean, I've got a signed copy of 30,000 Baby Names that's the only one that's ever been used by seven families west of the Mississippi during months ending in R. Would that count? I'll contact NARU and see....


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