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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Book Trailers of Varying Degrees of Skill

If you aren't already a regular reader of Book Trailerpark, I highly recommend that you seek it out when you've a free moment or two. Recently it featured this trailer for what appears to be The Golden Compass. It's a little too nicely done for your average book trailer and a little too crude for an actual movie.

Haven't a clue what to make of it myself, though I was infinitely amused by the homemade Golden Compass trailers out there. But even more interesting to my mind is this fantastic book trailer for the upcoming Greenwillow title The Secret History of Tom Trueheart. When this amount of effort is put into a trailer, it shows. Beautifully rendered.

UPDATE: A quick visit to a local bookstore reveals that the republication in hardcover of The Golden Compass shows the notes that appear at the beginning of the above book trailer. There you go then.


At 9:53 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was alerted to your comments on the trailers for the Golden Compass, and Tom Trueheart. I am delighted that they have been noticed, and feel I should point out that they are both made by the same team, M B Films, David Mead and Ed Beck a young company based in London UK. I am Ian Beck author of Tom Trueheart, and designer and illustrator of the extra documents for the Dark Materials trilogy. Both trailers were made as technical experiments, the Golden Compass was made using stop frame animation on my kitchen table and copies of my documants to see what could be achieved in camera capture. The Tom Trueheart trailer was a case of the makers testing their abilities with editing, mise en scene and actors, both were produced for little or no money, just for the fun of it, although the Tom Trueheart trailer has been very useful as an introduction to what is a complex book to describe, and I am very pleased that Greenwillow are using it on their site. Thank you aghain for your very kind comments and I hope you enjoy the book! Ian Beck

At 12:28 AM , Blogger fusenumber8 said...

I'm sure I will. The teen pages in my library have been reading it already and tell me that it's top notch stuff. This info also strikes me as so interesting that I think I'll go and make it its own post. Many thanks for the heads up!


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