Fuse #8

Saturday, November 18, 2006

This Year's CBC Questions

Well, the CBC Trivia Challenge, as hosted by Mo Willems, has come and gone. Here's the wrap-up as I received it this morning. Definitely check out the trivia questions. Two of them were mine.

Along with having a wonderful time, we were able to raise almost $400 in ticket sales to donate to the Children's Village Books for Boys project. If you were a late sign-up and haven't yet sent in your ticket check, or would like to donate a little extra, we'll still accept donations up until December 4. Thanks to our sponsors for making this donation possible: Harcourt, Hyperion and Scholastic.

Want to relive the night? Well it might be a little hard to get all of us in the same room again, but if you can see all of this year's questions here. There will be a full report of the event as well as pictures and a short video soon. Look for it in the next CBC UPDATE and BOLDFACE issues. If you aren't subscribed to either of these newsletters just let me know and I'll put your name on the list.


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