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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bookwink Shout-Out

A bushel and a peck going out to one Ms. Sonja Cole of Bookwink. Ms. Cole and her video blog were featured recently on the School Library Journal blog, and when asked what she reads blogwise she mentioned good old F#8.

Bookwink, as it happens, is a might fine creation in and of itself. I hadn't much thought about the v-blog possibilities inherent in booktalking. It seems obvious in retrospect. Says the site about itself:
Bookwink is devoted to recommending the very best books for kids and teens. Our mission is to connect kids in Grades 3 through 8 with books that will make them excited about reading. Each weekly video booktalk is about a different topic, and additional books on every topic can be found on the Bookwink website. You can look for books by subject, grade level, author or title. We are constantly updating the booklists with our newest favorite books.
I recommend that you read the SLJ interview with Ms. Cole for info on how educators are using audiobooks and podcasts as teaching tools. It's the future, baby. Best to catch a ride while you can.


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