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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Everyone's a Critic

Advantages of being married to a screenwriter:

1. Get to meet cool famous folks and see movies before anyone else.
2. Get to consider the possibility of someday becoming a Hollywood librarian.
3. Husband alerts me to whenever a screenwriter mentions kidlit on their blogs.

Regarding #3 there, John August runs a lovely little blog with, as he says, "a ton of useful information about screenwriting." If you'll cast your mind back to July you might remember my skillfully-honed rant involving his past works. August was the one who created a cool adaptation of How To Eat Fried Worms, untimely crushed by the now completely and utterly forgettable version that DID appear in theaters this past summer.

My point? He recently had a piece on toddler books that I enjoyed. He appears to be a fan of Leslie Patricelli, which I find interesting. No one has ever talked up the merits of Patricelli in my presence before. I like to think that she's often the subject of discussion between members of a hidden board book subculture that runs beneath the hubub of everyday life, with secret blogs that debate the relative merits of rounded corners and eye-popping design. I can dream. In any case, it's interesting to read the words of kidlit converts.


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