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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Crit Sit Wit Kidvidlit

I've enjoyed trolling about for various booktrailers on that series of tubes called the Interweb, or whatever it is you kids are calling it these days. In any case, my unending search for kidlit trailers somehow never crossed paths with Vidlit. Or, to be more precise, Kidvidlit. Thanks to the wonders of Flash, you can see Bone, Nanastar, Nicky Deuce: Welcome To the Family, The Gift of Nothing, and/or a rather amusing Meg Cabot summation of an average writer's day.

Refresh memory, please. Was there some brouhaha involving criticism Nicky Deuce and its use of Italian-American stereotypes a year or two back? Or was that something else?

Thanks to Gotta Book for the link.

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