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Monday, February 26, 2007

The Honors Come Together!

2007 Newbery honorees Jennifer Holm, Cynthia Lord, and Kirby Larson have banded together to offer their support to their winner. On each of their sites you will find the following statement:
As the Newbery Honor recipients we wanted to share our feelings on the current Newbery discussions. We are delighted and honored to be in the wonderful company of Susan Patron and her incredible book, The Higher Power of Lucky. We support her creative vision and hope that the present controversy will not overshadow her remarkable achievement. Readers everywhere, young and old, are truly lucky to have such a book in their schools, libraries, stores, and in the world.

• Jennifer Holm, author of the 2007 Newbery Honor Book, Penny From Heaven (Random House Books for Young Readers)

• Kirby Larson, author of the 2007 Newbery Honor Book, Hattie Big Sky (Delacorte Press)

• Cynthia Lord, author of the 2007 Newbery Honor Book, Rules (Scholastic Press)
You know what that is, folks? That's class. Pure unadulterated class.

The L.A. Times then has an article on how Ms. Patron is getting the last laugh. Apparently Lucky is doing mighty well money-wise. I wouldn't mind seeing some stats on past Newbery winners and how well they sold as well.

And this amazing Kerfuffle Analysis of Scrotumgate in its entirety is available for viewing on Pixie Stix Kids. Its superior analysis is due, in part, to the clever use of charts and graphs. For example:

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