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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hot Men of Children's Literature, Part 33 In a Series

I've been a little lackadaisical in adding new members to my Hot Men of Children's Literature series in 2007. I think the last one was Perry Moore, and that was on January 9th. Phew! So consider the recent School Library Journal article (HELLOOOOO School Library Journal readers!) a swift, sure kick in the pants. I'm back on track, baby. Back on track and pulling new men out for your consideration.

So Bob Staake, of whom I am a huge fan, sends me a gorgeously illustrated picture book by the name of Hello, Robots that's just fabulous. Only, the problem is that the book came out in 2004 and I'm currently playing catch-up with all the great 2007 titles out this year. As such, I can't justify reviewing it, consarn it. He has some books coming out this year like This Is Not a Pumpkin, but I didn't receive any of them and so I couldn't review them either. I am sad. In a depressed state I flip to the back of the book and there sits this author photo.

Oh, yummy.
So it is with great pleasure that I introduce my 33rd HMOCL. This one has a remarkable website, appeared on the 2006 New York Times Best Illustrated Book List for his title The Red Lemon, and even tried his hand at the ghoulish Der Struwwelpeter.

Plus he's just as comfortable doing this:

As he is doing this:

The Daily Bob, by the way, is a daily image you can put on your site that changes every day. So you can get a regular healthy happy helping of Staake on your site. Consider me very tempted.

Great guy, amazing art, and lovely feller. Good stuff.


At 3:17 PM , Blogger Gina Ruiz said...

Just found your blog on JacketFlap and I love it! Adding it to the blogroll over at my book blog, AmoxCalli.

At 3:14 AM , Blogger Saints and Spinners said...

I still haven't recovered from the Perry Moore photo. I need a little air before the next HMOCL.


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