Fuse #8

Friday, March 30, 2007

Bring Out the Vote

Boy oh boy. Mitali Perkins enjoys the voting process. First she had us all weigh in on how often we read a book before declaring some sort of opinion about it. And now her fictional character Sameera Righton is giving us a chance to vote on the name for the second book in the First Daughter series. Your choices? First Daughter: White House Rules versus First Daughter: White House Rant. I am, as you might have suspected, firmly in the rant camp. Now go and do that thing you do; that thing you do so well.

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At 12:23 AM , Blogger mbpbooks said...

That's what happens when a poli sci nerd starts writing novels. So, vote, people, please. I stink at titles. And let me know what you think of a fictional teen character blogging the actual 2008 presidential campaign. Does it work? I hope so, because it's a blast to write.


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