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Friday, March 30, 2007

In a Hole In the Ground There Lived a Largely Ancillary Figure

In case you have not tired of any and all news possibly pertaining to Lord of the Rings type stuff, I have something for you today. Now personally, I'm sort of hobbited out. I'll comment on the odd weirdo living situation here and there, but I didn't feel the need to draw any sort of attention to the pseudo-hooplah surrounded J.R.R. Jr.'s "completion of the series", whatever that may mean. Nope. But a blog piece that tries to sort out exactly how hobbits fit into the larger scheme of Middle Earth? I'm in. And I quote: "I presume that hobbits were small yet integral in some way to Middle Earth’s economy, there to befriend non-hobbits like Aragorn and Gandalf and to remain more or less subservient the entire time, never expressing a singular self-interest." Worth a peek.

Thanks to Shaken and Stirred for the link.

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