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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Picture Books To Share With Older Readers and Teens

It happens more often than you might suspect. Some well-meaning soul comes into your children's room and wants to find picture books to read to a class of sixth graders they'll be visiting soon. One wonders for a moment if the person has ever seen a sixth grader, but this is their request and you have to honor it. So what do you do? Do you have a list of picture books for older readers/teens hidden somewhere on your desktop? Now you do.

The clever CCBC has compiled a list entitled Never Too Old: Picture Books to Share with Older Children and Teens. They have even, bless their hearts, given suggested age levels for each book. This kind of list might also be very helpful for those adults learning to read for the first time (we have a section of our library called Lifelong Learning that is dedicated to such titles) as well as teens with reading disabilities or low comprehension.

Thanks to Kids Lit for the link.

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At 11:00 AM , Blogger ElsKushner said...

This list is *exactly* what I need for work. I would add "The Secret Knowledge of Grownups" by David Wisinewski, and Paul Fleischman's "Weslandia."

Actually, our 6th grade teacher is very big on picture books (by which I mean, she'll use them with her students a few times a year--she reads Weslandia to introduce the Ancient Civilization unit). And the 5th graders had been complaining about the "baby books" I read to them, but were overcome by fits of laughter when exposed to "The Secret Chicken Club." So it's not what I'd pick to start off with, but you never can tell.

At 11:55 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent link! Very useful, as I'm always looking for picture books for upper elementary; many teachers 4-6 request read aloud visits for their classes at my branch. I would also add to that list several picturebook bios that generally go down a treat:
"Catching the Moon: The story of a young girl's baseball dream", by Crystal Hubbard.
"Joe Louis:America's Fighter", by David Adler.
"Odd Boy Out, Young Albert Einstein" by Don Brown
"Frida" by Jonah Winter.

-Laura B.

At 8:28 AM , Blogger Mordena said...

I'd have to add my favorite. Tomie dePaola's "The Art Lesson." I choke up at the last line every time.

At 8:58 AM , Blogger Franki said...

Thanks for the link--a great resrouce that I didn't know existed. I am always looking for good picture books for my upper elementary students. There are so many great picture books for older kids--books that would not/could not be understood by younger students. I've also found that picture book biographies are so much better written than some of the longer chapter book biographies Allen Say is an author whose books I believe are for older children. Often, we (teachers) use picture books to study the craft of writing. If we are studying craft or some author technique, picture books are the perfect genre---so much can be talked about in a really short time. There are also books like Martin's Big Words and Voices in the Park that can be understood at such a higher level by older kids. Never enough resources to find these types of books. Thanks.


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