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Saturday, March 17, 2007

So True

Meghan McCarthy recently quoted this on the Blue Rose Girls blog and I can't help but adore it. Plus it comes from the man who single-handedly created a website I refuse to read during work hours because it makes me laugh until tears run down my face and my patrons get all weirded out.

“…blogger, James Lileks, described the demands of the blogging routine: “This is an odd hobby. It’s like having a train set, a gigantic train set in the basement, and in the morning you not only find a derailment, you find people streaming out of the tiny houses yelling at you.”

I knew I should have pegged you for Lileks fan, Meghan. We will have to discuss the great celery-laden works of Art Frahm when we get together next. I would also like to offer my apologies for not reading Blue Rose Girls this week and missing, what I will now refer to as, The Difficulties. You are all commanded (apparently I'm in a commanding mood) to go buy Aliens Are Coming for someone you know if you haven't done so already so as to encourage Meghan McCarthy to continue blogging as long as she has fingers to scribble with.

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At 12:03 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aliens Are Coming! is one of my son's favorite books. I love it, too. Party on, Meghan; keep blogging.


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