Fuse #8

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Allow Me to Play a Sad Sad Song for Myself on the World's Smallest Violin

So, I was all kinds of busy yesterday.
Just swamped.
Work up to my ears. Up to my eyeballs. Up to the roots of my hair.
Very very busy all around.
No time for anything.
No time for lunch even.
And at home I had a 625 word review due pronto on three different picture books.


Look. What I'm trying to tell you is that aside from the miraculous timing of Tracie Zimmer wanting to do her interview with me (exhale large breath of relief) I've not much to post here today. One or two things, but for all I know a story broke yesterday involving J.K. Rowling, under-aged rabbits, and large unwieldy donut holes. For all I know.

On that note, here are the 10 Most Magnificent Trees in the World. We good?

Thanks to BB-Blog for the link.

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