Fuse #8

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Everything You Know is Wrong. Black is White, Up is Down, and Short is Long

Basically, this is something new SLJ's been trying. Take an article and convert it into a graphic storyline. Unlike those comics attached to journals with only a tangential attachment to the magazine itself (paging Tales From the Slush Pile) this is a useful piece of writing done in an interesting and unique fashion. The article Everything Bad is Good works. The art is well done (again, not something you see every day in a kidlit or plain ordinary lit mag) and the piece worth discussing. It certainly got me to thinking. The school librarians who bend backwards to get their kids whatever they want, no matter what the cost, is which of the following:

A) A saint
B) A masochist
C) A well-meaning but ultimately flawed soul

Brian Kenney explains more here.



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