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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Less Work for Me

I'm flattered. People have asked me in the past to come up with a list of the hottest kidlit women I know and I've been slow to do so. I did that Blue Rose Girls posting, but that was as far as I went. Fortunately someone has picked up the slack. Kirby Larson of Hattie Big Sky fame has established her own Hot Women of Children's Literature. Lady #1? You know her well. A very good choice too.

Send any and all recommendations you like Kirby's way.

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At 2:06 AM , Blogger mbpbooks said...

It's just not right. After a self-indulgent whine on my blog about my TLA signing non-event, I get Ms. Larson's grace-filled post in return. And then this from Fuse, generating a gazillion hits to my site.

As for the Blue Rose Girls, I've been tempted to do that imitation-flattery thing and dub myself the Brown Bose Girl. (Bose is my family of origin name, but we're not related to the speaker guy so I can't get a free pair of those amazing headphones that silence jet engines.)


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