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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

That Doggone Pigeon Man

This is what happens when author/illustrators get their own friggin' blogs. Oh sure, they're all cute and cuddly at first. Then they start to grow up and post information that, quite frankly, YOU should have thought of in the first place. Take as your example Mr. Mo Willems' posting, I'm Off. Don't let its title mislead you. He isn't off in the least. In fact, he's touting about information regarding the Ezra Jack Keats Contest here in NYC. Basically, kids create their own picture books and the winners get people like Mo Willems to present to them their awards.

At this moment the Donnell Central Children's Room has all the books, winners and otherwise, up for viewing until April 30th.

Why check it out? Partly because some of the books are scary-good. And partly because these are some of the titles of the others:
  • World Famous Hector - Could have gone with any name. Went with "Hector".
  • When Snowflakes Stop! - We would have also accepted "When Snowflakes Go Bad".
  • This Boy is Not Too Bad - I'm loving the correct usage of the word "too".
  • Steak Tree - Mmmm. Steak tree.
  • Never Apologize for Your Art - Which bears a Jackson Pollock lookalike on the cover. And my personal favorite . . .
  • Poor Ugly Devil - Exactly what it sounds like.

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