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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Walking Tour of NYC Bookstores

Some of you live in NYC, some of you come here on business, and some of you might someday, possibly, take a vacation here so as to truly appreciate our one-of-a-kind smog in an up close and personal fashion. When you are not admiring our fog's infinitely photographable charms, however, you may wish to do something upstanding like visiting NYC's independent bookstores. In this, you are in luck. The Millions Blog has just posted a really wonderful walking tour of NYC independent bookstores. Go on. Gape at The Strand. Check out Oscar Wilde Books (which has not closed despite the rumors). Seethe with envy when you check out the impressive line-up at the Housing Works Bookstore. It's all there for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks to Shaken and Stirred for the link.

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