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Monday, May 14, 2007

Kidlit Drink Night - Book Expo Style

Originally uploaded by Stefan DW.

Some of y'all are coming to NYC for Book Expo this year, yes no? Perhaps you should want to be with the mingling mingling? Perhaps a little of the old rubbing the elbows with others in the field, no yes?

Indeed. As such, let us gather together and drink large quantities of alcoholic beverages so as to assist in the process of "chatting", as they say. The day will have to be Friday, June 1st. Saturday is too darn kooky, by my count. Plus all the publishers appear to be battling it out with one another on Saturday night for your love. No, no Friday will do just fine.

The place and time? TBA, loverlies. Just pencil the drink night in first and we'll get to the whole "Where?" and "Will it be close to the convention center?" questions later.

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At 12:55 PM , Blogger L. Diane Wolfe said...

I attended last year in DC, but won't make it to NYC. Great idea to meet with everyone - hope you have a great turnout!

At 1:11 PM , Blogger Literaticat said...

question - will it start after the ABC dinner?

At 1:20 PM , Blogger fusenumber8 said...

Good question!

It probably will have to. What are the times on the ABC dinner?

At 1:38 PM , Blogger Literaticat said...

the auction starts at 5, the actual dinner 7:30.

Everything takes longer than it should, so by the time you've schmoozed, exited and gotten a cab, it might be around... 9:30?

At 1:39 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooo! I'll put this on my calendar! :) I'm not sure that it won't cause a rift in the space-time continuum to meet blog friends in the real world, but I'll take my chances....

At 4:20 PM , Blogger Liz B said...

I'm in! And I'm staying in the city, so yay, don't have to worry about catching trains and the like so any time etc works.

At 7:42 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

Oh, yay! Looking forward to it! Thanks!

At 8:39 PM , Blogger Gina Ruiz said...

I'm in! Staying in the city as well at a friends apartment so I can party.


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