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Saturday, May 19, 2007

When Exactly Did Gerard Butler Become a Star Again?

Well, the former Phantom of the Opera has joined the cast of Nim's Island (original book by Wendy Orr) to play the nice but scatterbrained professor-father of Abigail Breslin. As I remember the story, at one point this guy gets caught in a storm. Which means, if he just happened to lose his shirt in the course of the storm that wouldn't be too surprising, right?

I mean... I'm just saying!

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At 8:30 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not that I am immune to Mr. Butler's physique, but I think this is a promising and intriguing casting choice. Did you see him in "Dear Frankie"? His best movie yet, IMHO. He convinced me utterly that he was a repressed (well, he did play a Scot), but ultimately loving sailor. He played against a darling little boy, and the relationship was very convincing -- lots of male silences and parallel play, etc. And though 300 was a blood and pec fest for the most part, the best scene by far was the all too brief conversation -- before the sex -- between the king and queen -- Butler at his best -- vulnerable, trying to keep up appearances, loving, unsure. Anyway, I would love it if he took more of the "Dear Frankie" sorts of roles, which allow him to develop something beyond the quadriceps.


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